(Optional) This text will appear in the inbox preview, but not the email body. It can be used to supplement the email subject line or even summarize the email's contents. Extended text preheaders (~490 characters) seems like a better UX for anyone using a screenreader or voice-command apps like Siri to dictate the contents of an email. If this text is not included, email clients will automatically populate it using the text (including image alt text) at the start of the email's body.
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A starting point for more complex transactional emails that could contain multiple messages. It can contain links or rich text. Read this if text is written in markdown. Optionally this section can include a 128x128 sized illustration.

Good for emails like:

  • Your answer was accepted
  • You’ve been added to a Team
  • New Interests
  • Tag digest
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Have something else to say, but it’s secondary and not directly connected to the message above? A new email section can be created.

How different are “Top spot” and “Standard” listings?
Thomas A. Limoncelli asked Jun 22 at 18:18
Pretend I don't know anything about how our job listings are priced. What are the differences (price and features) of a "Top Spot" vs "Standard" listings?
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